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Thought Reversal Messaging Workshop

Do you sometimes struggle to succinctly explain what you do?

Do you find sometimes people don't fully grasp the awesomeness of the service you deliver?

Are you hoping to drive the right traffic to your website?

Are you still a bit hazy about who your ideal customer is?

Perhaps you need to go more deep with the problem you solve?


Communicating effectively about your business is critical to its success. And your messaging underpins every communication you put out there about your brand.

It helps to position your zone of genius and your business. Often we are not being clear enough about the problem we solve and this can lead to confusion. And when we confuse we lose.

To make your messaging and communications clearer and aligned with your ideal customer's problem, let me help you to take a step back.

My Thought Reversal Messaging Workshop helps to look deeper into the problems you solve for your ideal customer. We look at each problem in-depth from all different angles.


  • It helps you to see things from an alternative viewpoint
  • It outputs a ton of engaging content ideas for social media, newsletters and blogs.
  • It is a great pre-cursor to keyword research.
  • It signposts you to proper market research and profiling your ideal customer to figure out who they truly are.
  • It makes it possible to be more niche.
  • It starts to properly shape your offer.

This is an intensive workshop but enlightening and empowering.


  • Complete a questionnaire beforehand.
  • Hosted on Zoom (and recorded for your later reference)
  • You have the answers, you have just not been asked the right questions. Let me do that during our session.
  • I want you to answer the questions and talk, download it all from your brain. Whilst you are doing this I capture everything into a spreadsheet to start making sense of it all.
  • Afterwards I will shape it and polish it into a usable reference document.
  • Output: An avatar name, in-depth stream of consciousness notes (in excel). Recording of Zoom workshop for your reference. 5 content pillars to share your content around.
  • Includes planning, delivering workshop and finalising notes afterwards.


Natalie’s Thought Reversal workshop was such a valuable exercise in putting myself in my customer's shoes. An absolute must. It was long and hard work, but that meant there was great value in it. I came away with five clear customer avatars - knowing what their pain points were and understanding how they were living their lives compromised by their problem. This has to be the place to start when creating products or services for customers. It drives everything. It’s subtly shifted my way of thinking about how to work out my business strategy. It’s subtle and it’s pervasive, and it gets into you in a really helpful way. My way of thinking has become much more "customer focussed", not "my business-focussed”. Learning to think in this way is a very valuable mindset shift. The ease with which Natalie and I worked together. When I got stuck she chipped in with ideas and suggestions and when she got stuck, I could fill in the blanks for her. Natalie was very easy and enjoyable to work with. We bounced ideas off each other in a way you can’t do on your own. She’s super-efficient and organised too. Natalie and her team are invaluable in helping small solopreneurs, like myself, get up and running with marketing, branding, copy, website reviews & SEO and all the tech. All of which massively helps to lower stress, because you know you have someone who knows what they are doing and you can trust fully.

Dawn Rowland - New Dawn Health

Today was great and the best meeting I have had in 18 months to tidy up my mind! The Thought Reversal Messaging Workshop helped me to feel more focussed in a way I can manage. The questions kept coming and helped me explore - probably the best I have had in really clarifying my avatar and clarifying what I do with it.

- Psychologist / Grief Coach